European Junior Championship + Kiteboarding in France

So finally a little blog update since i just got back home from South France. I spent almost three weeks there - starting in St.Pierre La Mer for the European Junior Championships:



Day one showed off with strong and gusty offshore wind for kites around 6 - 9m. After watching my Swiss friend Maxime Chabloz competing and scoring 4th in the youngest category (!), I came up against Willem van der Meij from the Netherlands in the single elimination and my heat started in very challenging conditions. Unfortunately the wind dropped at the beginning of the heat and i wasn‘t able to stay upwind in the box and therefore didn‘t land any trick. My opponent just landed one Bj3, however he advanced. Day two was pretty similar regarding to the conditions - still gusty offshore wind, but no longer that strong. I got a second chance in the double elimination and competed against Spanish rider Manel Arpa Zuriguel. This time i chose the right kite size and was nicely powered on my 13. I wanted to make sure that i got at least some solid points in case the wind will change again and managed to land almost every safe trick like S-Bend to Blind, Back to Wrapped, BJ, Back to Blind Pass… Afterwards i tried some more technical tricks but unfortunately crashed a few, whilst my opponent showed some nice high scoring tricks.  Finally it didn‘t reach for me, however I was quite happy with my heat! I‘m in no way disappointed, actually it was pretty tough for me since i haven‘t been on the water since half a year and first needed to get used to my all new kite gear. It was definitely a great experience and I‘m looking forward to come back next year! 



The following two days I participated in the KiteBorderCrossTour - we had some really funny heats, since i was up against riders like world champion Youri Zoon, Etienne Lhote or Sebastien Garat. Certainly winning was hard for me and some experienced race kiteboarders like Julien Kerneur or Olly Bridge made out the victory, however, I managed to get some nice heats and even win one against Seb Garat. Finally I scored an overall 6th place of totally 13 riders.



After spending one week in St.Pierre La Mer we continued our journey and headed southwards to Leucate for watching the PKRA World Tour Stop. The wind was incredible strong and I enjoyed a sick kiteloop show of some Dominican pro riders on their 3-5qm kites! Few days later I scored some cool sessions as well and even managed to get some pics. On the way back home we stopped in the Camargue and had a rad last session!



Meanwhile I get used to my new GIN Cannibal as well and I definitely like it! 



Thanks Gin Kiteboarding for the support. 




Wakestyle Snowkiting ! Bernina Challenge 2014 Highlights

NEW GINeration Snowkite Edit

This is my latest snowkite edit for the video competition!
So WATCH, LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE it!!! I need quite few views/likes to win!
As you see: I'm riding GIN Kites now and I'm glad to be part of the GIN team now!

rider: Andrea Ammann
kite: GIN Kiteboarding Cannibal
camera: Gopro Hero3+ / Lumix
special thanks to dad for filming!!

Welcome to the GIN Team

I'm happy to announce I'm riding for the GINeration team (GIN KITES) now and I'm looking forward to represent this innovative Swiss kite brand on our Swiss lakes! My new edit for the video competition will drop tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Check out my edit from Silvaplana & Egypt!

Int. Snowkite Competition Italy

It's been my first international competition and should be a valuable expirience since i competed against some of the world best snowkiters! Unfortunately the freestyle contest was cancelled due to lack of snow on the frozen lake. Therefore the freestyle riders went with the locals and had a rad fun session and a contest judged by overall impression of the riders. Was a cool weekend in Italy!

Sketchy Graphics!

New Production!


A short production edited out of my footage in Silvaplana (Switzerland), where I spent three weeks this summer.

See one of the most spectacular spots on this world, the little & gorgeous Lake Silvaplana, embedded between mountains! I promise, on 1800 metres above sea level you will feel the THIN AIR!

rider: Andrea Ammann

camera: Beda / Phil Ammann

equipment: Kites - LF Envy's
Board - LF Inflouence LFX

cameras - Nikon Coolpix / Gopro Hero 2

cut with - FinalCutProX / Compressor 4

Special thanks to: Liquid Force Kiteboarding Switzerland !



Some funny wakeboarding and wakesurfing at the LF Pure Fun Tourstopp in Switzerland, on the lake of Biel, with the guys from the LF Global Team!


At midday in La Neuville eating a swiss cheese fondue, for lunch!


Then after even more wakesurf-sessions,

some chilling and eating crêpes at the Tropical Sunset Shop!


Exciting day, nice to met them!


New Sponsor!





I spoke to Liquid Force Switzerland and they offered me a very nice Teamriderdeal!

Which I immediatly accepted and I'm very happy about!

I'm very grateful about this support!

And I hope that I can test my new stuff as soon as possible.


I want to say thanks for the support from amwind up till now!

They have brought me very far this summer. Thank you!

I wish amwind much succes in the future!


I will produce a new video soon.

Check out the stuff from Liquid Force:






Toscana Days


Spent a few days in the Toscana, it's nice!, but there're almost low winds.

But one day there was enough for my powered 15!

So I edited a short vid with my footage of the Toscana.


Check out my new landkiteboarding video!